Installation and Configuration Services

Our Installation and Configuration Services Team is comprised of highly experienced and trained engineers. They have considerable hands-on experience installing and integrating a wide range of products, technology, applications, operating systems, and devices typically found in today's heterogeneous networks.

Implementation Services

Proper installation of any technology is extremely important for seamless and reliable integration into your business applications and functions. Installation Services can be purchased through Geode Networks supporting most vendors any their technologies

Inspecting the products for any damage that may have occurred during shipment and pre-stage to ensure products are functional prior to deployment
Install and rack mount equipment
Providing product overview .

Configuration Services

Configuration and Integration begins where standard installation ends to ensure that your solutions or systems are running properly in your environment. Geode's Configuration Services deliver enterprise class support to ensure proper and effective configurations are applied to your solution.

Geode Engineers can provide your organisation with the enterprise class support required to install and configure your solution through to sign off and certification where agreed. Our commitment is to deliver a solution as designed and working to an agreed specification.

Geode can deliver a turnkey solution delivered to agreed specifications through utilisation of other services offered.

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