Geode Networks and Lifesize bring you the newest cloud solution for connecting everyone, everywhere, face-to face.

Lifesize can help increase productivity and efficiency with reduced travel risks and costs, increased flexibility and quicker responses and decisions. Lifesize simply connects your conference rooms to everyone who needs to be in the meeting – from anywhere, on any device.

Lifesize provides both Lifesize Cloud, their software as a service offering, and Lifesize Icon Series, their award-winning video system, so that you can meet over video from wherever you are on your laptop, tablet or smartphone while staying connected to the rest of your team in a meeting room back at the office.

The Lifesize Icon video conferencing systems are so easy to use that you can instantly connect with everyone, from anywhere. They’re as simple to use as your smartphone. And when paired with Lifesize Cloud, there simply isn’t a more powerful and easy-to-use video conferencing solution available.

Lifesize Cloud is the best way for your entire organisation to connect over video when you need to get business done. Easy-to-use interface, screen sharing, calendar integration, chat and audio-calling options are all features that are included with Lifesize Cloud which will help you drive greater collaboration and communication.

Simply put, you will work smarter. And, when connected to the Lifesize Icon video conferencing systems, you get an even better and unique experience in your conference rooms.

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