Remote Support

When technical challenges arise, we take immediate ownership of the issue and, when needed, work with your other vendors to find the right solution quickly. We strive to ensure worry-free resolution and data protection for a range of Wireless systems/devices, Network devices, IP and mobile telephony devices, applications, operating systems, etc.

Co-operative Service Agreements with Complementary Vendors

Geode maintains co-operative service agreements (CSAs) with a growing list of complementary technology vendors. These agreements formally join the technical support teams of our companies allowing Geode to uniquely deliver first and second line support services which allows our partners to experience a united and global response when customers are experiencing technical issues. CSA’s provide Geode Networks Technical Support team direct access to our partners' third level and development support, allowing us to draw on these resources while serving as the focal point for solving customer issues. We are a trusted partner for the vendor and treated as their support extension, we like to think we are one of the family.

Geode Remote Support with Netviewer Geode Networks can help you quickly!

By utilising secure Netviewer, Geode Networks technical Support engineers can establish a fast and secure connection with your computer, without you needing to install any additional software. unlike other remote support solutions, Netviewer leaves you in control of your desktop at all times whilst allowing our engineers to find out what you're having trouble with and assist you by resolving your problems.

A completely secure connection

Geode’s support agents see only what is displayed on your screen and you can control the filtering of any other windows or applications you have running from view..

Secure connection

The Geode Netviewer program works in a similar way to the clearance methods developed by leading businesses for telephone/online entry systems that connect to sensitive information on bank or customer accounts. Netviewer provides a completely secure connection between you and the support agent.

·VeriSign Certificate

Every Netviewer session is encrypted through a 256-BIT connection, the official SSL standard.

Connect to the right engineering skill

Your session number ensures you are always in touch with the right agent.

Download Netviewer in any local file of your choice and launch or open it directly without saving it. 
System requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000, XP


To launch, save the program in a local folder of your choice and open it by double clicking on it.
System requirements: Windows 98/ME/2000, XP