Geode Survey Services

Geode Consulting can help fully understand the RF domain allowing for a successful deployment of wireless technologies. We fully support surveys across all aspects of the radio spectrum allowing complex analysis of the RF footprint.

By understanding the source and intensity of energies within the operating frequencies of the technology you are looking to deploy, the performance and reliability of the technology to be deployed can be significantly increased.

With Geode developed tools and spectrum analysers, our experts can not only understand the RF environment properly but also carry out extensive test for upstream packet loss across all environments.

Our experience in creating unrivalled success in deploying wireless technologies in even the harshest environments in large Industrial intrinsically safe areas, to high reliance for healthcare, or harsh environments within manufacturing, Geode’s experience can deliver for you and RF solutions that will work as designed.

Detailed understanding of Vendor technology and it’s architecture allows a unique advantage when choosing the right vendor for your solution. From traditional WLAN, RFID, RTLS systems to Mesh, WiMAX, 3G/4G backbone / backhaul, we have detailed understanding and experience that can help you.

So if  you are planning a wireless deployment talk to the experts and Contact us today to find out where we can help you take an innovative advantage.