Vendor Support

Geode can provide specialist support on behalf of start up vendors in UK and Europe. For over 12 years we have successfully introduced new vendors into Europe, delivering solid sales and technical support services as a trusted partner.

Our Vendor support services also provide Pre-Sales support to the channel and its distributors under the identity of your company or organisation.

Geode provides first level help desk, remote and on-site support services operating under the vendor’s banner. By doing so, we ensure the Vendors’ integrity and good name is assured at all times.

Geode maintains co-operative service agreements (CSAs) with a growing list of technology vendors. These agreements formally join the technical support teams of our companies so that we can provide a united response when customers are experiencing technical issues. CSAs give the Geode Networks Technology Services team direct access to our partners' second and third level support, allowing us to draw on these resources while serving as the focal point for solving customer issues.

Some of our successes: